Welcome to Jilinya Adventures…
Immerse yourself in the knowledge of an ancient and continuing culture here in the West Kimberley with the Worrorra people.

On Australia's rugged Kimberley coast where the dramatic sandstone scarps give way to thousands of islands and coral reefs... where crystal clear gorges with plunging waterfalls are hidden in cracks and faultlines of the ancient geology... where the saltwater crocodile makes her home in the tidal creeks. This is where the Worrorra people have called home since people first walked this ancient landscape. 

Discover the magnificent Kimberley. Now you can not only experience the natural wonder of this last great wilderness area, but immerse yourself in one of the largest cultural landscapes on the planet. 

We have teamed up with multi-award winning Horizontal Falls Seaplane Adventures and KAS Helicopters to not only take you deep into the remote Kimberley, but take you back in time as you understand a culture that has been practicing for thousands of years. Learn about Wandjina and Wungurr, the sentient beings who laid down the law for us and created the country, whose images are painted in caves all over the Kimberley. 

These images survive today, few outsiders have the privilege of visiting these ancient rock art sites. We want to share our culture with you. See the range of tours we offer, from day trips for the independent traveller, to exclusive rock art hikes for passengers travelling aboard visiting cruise ships and vessels.